Corporate Public Issues and Their Management (CPI Site License)

As the original and leading issue management report, CPI travels the world to bring you best practices used by real companies to manage real issues. These increasingly powerful influences on corporate profitability are generated by a broadening array of stakeholders who demand corporate accountability and performance aligned with expectations.

Since coining the term "issue management" in 1976, CPI editors continue to probe for, create and share with our readers the most innovative issue management tools available. To enhance your effectiveness in anticipating and leading these issues, as a CPI reader you will share an "inner circle" examination of how practitioners successfully use issue management "in the field." You will receive first-hand reports on ground-breaking conferences that examine issue management best practices within the most successful corporations. And, you'll glean insights from CPI's network of leaders who apply and are willing to share their results using issue management disciplines for improved corporate governance.

Through the pages of CPI's editions, you receive unduplicated, hands-on, practical guidance on how to advise your organization as its Issue Process Steward and Chief Policy Officer. Click below to sign on for an intelligence report that is practical yet provocative and definitely geared toward your success.

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